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Our Students & Coffee Featured in Inc. Magazine

Want Your Kids to Change the World? Start by Volunteering

By: Rhett Power

Our students hard work as social entrepreneurs traveling to Costa Rica has been featured in one of the top business magazines. Check out our feature in point number 6 below.

6. Make volunteering a creative experience.

Craft projects are an excellent way to volunteer because they allow even introverted children and teens to participate. Making handmade cards for seniors and veterans or constructing fleece blankets for hospitalized children may seem like modest tasks, but they make a big impact. Plus, youngsters begin to associate volunteering with positivity, enthusiasm, and fun.

A community does not build itself; that duty belongs to society, especially young people excited to enhance their surroundings. The best way to make the world a stronger, more loving place is by teaching our kids the importance of giving their time and skills to help others.

The Show Me Cost Rica Project's mission is to provide an international learning experience for students in low-income communities. The vision is to use science and entrepreneurship to develop leaders with a global perspective. Over the last 5 years, over 50 students from the city of St. Louis have worked diligently to fundraise over $100,000 to become the first in their families to travel internationally. Our students are social entrepreneurs that offer freshly roasted premium coffee from Costa Rica to help cover the expense of their educational trip.

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